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You were browsing around at your local bookstore. You often came to this one, because it was peaceful and had a wonderful selection to choose from. Endlessly browsing through the different titles and authors, you never grew bored here. You were just about to open up a fantasy book when a loud "BOOM!" startled you into dropping the item. You quickly picked up the book and glanced outside of the store's glass windows.

Raining? you thought. But it was perfectly sunny and clear when I first got here! Wait a second, how long have I been here, exactly?

You glanced at your watch. Wow! I've been here for nearly 5 hours! And I was only looking around...

It was dark out, not only because of the storm but because it was in fact evening. You had arrived at the store around 2, and now it was 6:45 PM. You noticed your stomach growling and decided you had better get going so you could make something to eat.
You then realized that you hadn't brought an umbrella. Smacking yourself in the forehead, you replaced the book and got ready to brave the elements outside. Good thing I wore a sweater.

Pulling the hood over your head, you exited the store and ran towards your home. There weren't many people about, so you were hardly paying attention as to whether or not there was anybody in your way.


You bumped into somebody's chest, almost falling on your butt due to the force of the collision. You were about to apologize, but then you glanced up and lost your previous train of thought. You were mesmerized as you looked into deep, gorgeous, emerald eyes. Eyes that were glaring. At you.

"You really should watch where you're going, Miss. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be on my way." his silky, English-accented voice growled.

And with that, the eyes and the man they belonged to rapidly disappeared.

Once you regained coherancy of your mind, you blushed, embarrassed, even though the man was already gone. Fwah, I'm so stupid, crashing into people like that! I should have been watching where I was going! you scolded yourself, continuing on your way home.

You arrived at your house, made some cup noodles and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. As you waited for the water to boil, you couldn't help but think back to the man you had bumped into. He had such beautiful eyes... No! ________, there's no point in fantasizing about a guy you'll never see ever again in your lifetime! Shaking your head free of the thoughts, you poured the hot water into the noodle cup, carried it over to the living room, set it down with the chopsticks on top, and flicked on the TV.

After you finished your measly "dinner", you got ready for bed. You snuggled under the covers, getting comfortable, and thought once more about the mysterious man. Sighing, you drifted off to sleep.


You were incredibly tired when you woke up. You had had a restless and fitful night, constantly waking up to thoughts of glaring green eyes. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you entered the bathroom to brush your teeth. You kept thinking back to last night, and how the man had responded when you collided. He seemed quite ticked, I really wish I could have said something. Spitting and rinsing your mouth, you started feeling more and more guilty for not apologizing. If only I could see him again, I would properly apologize for so rudely bumping into him like that... that's not an excuse just to see him again, of course! Scoffing, you realized it was just that, an excuse see at him once more. After you were done in the bathroom, you debated whether or not to eat cereal or go buy some coffee.

Well, it's not like I have anything better to do. May as well go get some caffiene in my system. You dressed in a sweatshirt and yoga pants, not really caring about what you wore because you were so tired and out of it. You had long since dropped the habit of dressing to impress. It was summer vacation for you, the summer just before you started college. No need to dress all fancy when I'm just going to grab a quick morning boost.

You walked to the shop and bought your coffee. With your coffee in hand, you walked into the same bookstore you were in yesterday. You immediately walked to the area where you had found the fantasy book you had been looking at before you had had to leave. Opening it up, you glanced for the little summary they sometimes put inside with the copyright. Your eyes scanned over the words, but you couldn't focus on them. Your mind kept drifting to thoughts of the man with the green eyes. You sighed, took a sip of your coffee, and looked away from the book in your hand to the door that just sounded a bell, signifying a customer had arrived.

You almost dropped your cup as your eyes went wide, taking in the sight of the man who had just entered. He was wearing a tan burberry coat, and his blonde hair was tousled and messy. His green eyes gleamed. It was the same man from last night. Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear you thought to yourself with weak sarcasm. You were now regretting not wearing any of your cuter yet casual clothing. Luckily, he hadn't noticed you yet. Just as you thought that, he glanced up and caught your eye. Your breath hitched in your throat. But then he looked over to a shelf and he walked over to it. D-did he not recognize me? I could have sworn he looked right at m- you stopped. Pfft, silly girl, you're hardly someone anybody would recognize. Anyways, he had only seen me for a second, and I'm nothing remarkable. But he's here, and though it may be a coincidence, I should go apologize about yesterday. Oh, but he had seemed so angry, what if he shouts at me and storms out? No! He wouldn't do that, would he? Argh, I don't even know him! You're emotions were so conflicted, you could hardly think straight. Taking another sip of your coffee to calm yourself, you resolved to go over to him and apologize. It will help ease my guilty conscience.

You nervously walked over to where he was standing, heart beating fast. He heard footsteps and glanced at you.

Oh, there are his eyes! So lovely... Your heart a flutter, you managed to squeak, "E-excuse me?"

"Yes? May I ask if there is something you need, Miss?" he asked in that delicious, sultry voice of his.

"U-um, no, I was just coming over to a-apologize." you stammered.

A brief look of confusion crossed his face. "Apologize? What for, Miss?"

So he really doesn't remember me! "W-well, yesterday, I kind of bumped into you..."

His eyebrows, which you noticed were quite thick, shot up. "Oh? Oh yes. I remember that. I'm sorry if I acted rudely towards you-"

"What? N-no no, not at all! It was I who was the rude one! Being careless and not looking where I was going, I feel so t-terrible! I-I really do apologize." you stammered.
He chuckled, "It's quite alright, Miss...?"

"________. _______ ________."

"Miss ________. My name is Arthur Kirkland. It's completely fine, I assure you." he said, holding out his hand for you to shake. You took it, your hand dainty in his slender yet manly grasp. Releasing your grasps, you both stood akwardly for a minute or two.

"Ah, well Miss ________, what happened really didn't bother me in the least so-"
His sentence was cut short as somebody accidentally pushed Arthur and he fell towards you, knocking the cup of coffee you were holding onto your sweatshirt, splattering dark splotches all over your clothes.

Arthur looked positively horrified. "Gah! I'm so sorry, Miss ________! Bloody git! Not you of course-" he was frantically looking about, searching for something to wipe your sweatshirt with.

"I-it's fine! Really, I'm okay! It wasn't even your fault! No harm done, see? It's an old shirt anyways." you tried reassuring him, but he was shaking his head violently.

"No, it's not. Although I can't do much about your shirt, I insist that I buy you a new drink!" he exclaimed.

"But it's really-" you stopped, looking into his eyes. How could you resist when he was melting your insides like that? "O-okay." you resigned.

He smiled a little as he began to walk out of the bookstore, you following behind him. You walked in silence, reaching the coffee shop you had just exited not more than 15 minutes ago. You both went inside.

"What did you order before?" Arthur asked.

"A-a Spicy Chocolate Chile Mocha..." you replied, slightly embarrassed.

He regarded you, looking a bit shocked. You looked down, flushing red.

"You don't seem like the type to order that type of a daring drink." he commented.

"W-well maybe that's the reason I order it! Because it's daring! It makes up for what I'm not!" you defended yourself. You then flushed, regretting how you had lashed out at him like that.

Arthur looked at you, surprised and taken aback. "A-ah, yes, that makes sense..." he then grinned.

He ordered your mocha, getting tea for himself, and when they were ready, he made his way towards a table in the back, drinks in both hands. He set your mocha on the table, pulled out a chair, and gestured for you to sit down. Such a gentleman you thought.

"So, _______ ________, am I right?" You nodded and sat down. "Miss ________, what book were you looking at in the store?" he inquired as he took a seat for himself.

"O-oh, a fantasy book." you responded. You started to blush and hung your head down, thinking that he would think it weird to read such books. But he surprised you.

"Oh? I really do enjoy a good fantasy novel!" he said enthusiastically. Your head snapped up and your eyes widened with shock and curiousity.

"Really? You don't think they're weird?"

"Weird? _______, if I may call you that," You nodded. "_______, reading such novels are my escape from the often times boring reality. So many journeys to be taken, so many adventures to be had!" his eyes were wide and sparkling with excitement, like a child's, gesturing animatedly. He's really into this! you thought to yourself, pleased.

"I agree! They're so much fun to read..." And with that, you both talked eagerly about books, leading on to you each finding out so much more about the other.


Tilting your head back as you laugh, you couldn't stop smiling over the story Arthur had just told. You were both getting ready to leave, your drinks long since finished.

"Ah, what a pleasure it has been talking to you _______!" he said to you, standing up.

"It was, wasn't it?" you agreed, getting up as well.
Arthur then fell silent, looking at his hands clasped tightly together as a light pink coloring came upon his cheeks. What's happened? you wondered.

"A-Arthur, are you al-" you started to ask.

"Hey _______ I was just wondering if maybe we could do something like this again because it was really fun talking to you and I just think it would be nice to hang out together sometime-" he stopped his run-on, blushing even harder.

Your mouth gaped a bit before you quickly closed it shut, knowing it was rude. Processing his words, you surpressed a giggle.

"Why, o-of course Arthur! I had lots of fun, too!" you smiled at him. He finally looked up at you, and you melted as his alluring jewel-like orbs stared into your (e/c) ones.

"E-excellent! W-well how about I pick you up tomorrow and we go out for dinner? Say, 7:00?" He asked, still blushing like mad. And I would have never thought I'd see such a gentleman blush you smiled. And it's because of me!

Grinning, you say to Arthur, "I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Really!" you flushed a bit, noticing your own overeagerness.

"I look forward to it also," he exclaimed, "I'll see you soon, hm?"

Nodding, you smile at him, blushing. And with that he gives you one last pleased look and walks out the door. You were still standing dumbly in your spot, flushed with excitement and joy, your heart beating erratically, not calming down until Arthur had disappeared down the street.


"Gah! What am I supposed to wear?!" you were practically ripping your hair out in frustration, it was still wet from the shower you had just taken. You sat on your bed, only wearing your underwear, surrounded by a mess of clothes strewn about carelessly around the room. You glared at your closet, as if expecting the perfect outfit to come waltzing out of the white doors. "Wait a second," you suddenly remembered that outfit, "It's perfect!" you cried out.

You dug through your drawers and found it at the bottom. It was a cute yet elegant dark purple dress, nice, but not too fancy either. Perfect for dinner, right? You shimmied into it and got started on your hair.

All done, you looked at yourself in the mirror, appreciating your hard work from all angles. You flashed a smile at yourself, feeling happy with your appearance for once. "I hope I don't look too flashy or something..." your smile faltered. Just then, your doorbell rang, startling you out of your thoughts. He's here! Getting flushed, you open the door to reveal a very handsome Arthur.

He was wearing a dark suit that contrasted with his bright eyes nicely, and he smelled absolutely amazing. His hair was messy, but it was in a way that always looked good. His jaw dropped a little as he took you in, making you blush beet red.

"I-I hope it's not too much..." you said, nervously pulling at your dress.

"No. Not at all, you look gorgeous and beautiful, love," he reassured you. He called me "love" you thought, pleased. "Shall we go?" he questioned, holding out his arm for you to take.

"Yes!" you complied, linking your arm through his. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be going out to dinner with such a wonderful gentleman!

You arrived at the restaurant, which luckily had not made you feel underdressed nor overdressed. After being seated, you both looked over the menu.

"It all sounds so good! Mmm, what to get, what to get?" Arthur grinned at your enthusiasm.

When the waiter came back to take your orders, you asked for the Chicken Alfredo. Nodding and writing it down, the waiter turned to Arthur. "And you, sir?"

Arthur smirked as he replied, "The same as this beautiful love right here mm?" you blushed from his flattery. The waiter smiled knowingly, wrote it down, and left.

"D-do you really think I'm beautiful?" you questioned increduously, turning to Arthur. He scoffed.

"Oh, don't be daft, love. Of course you're beautiful! And so many other things as well, I assure you." even though he said it freely, he still blushed from being so open.

You giggled, "Thank you, Arthur. It means a lot to me."

He looked up at you, and you were drowning in his gaze again.


You were walking down the sidewalk with Arthur, talking more about your lives and interests. Seeing a quiet little park bench, you tugged him towards it. Sitting down, you gaze up at the stars.

"They're so beautiful." you whisper, staring at the twinkling lights in the sky.

"Yes, you are." you heard Arthur whisper, so quiet you almost missed it. Looking over at him, you see him staring at you. You blush but don't look away this time. Both being engulfed by the others gaze, you leaned in closer to eachother.

And then, your lips met.

His lips were soft against yours as they melded together, almost as if they were made for eachother. It was small, simple, and sweet, but it did not fail to make your heart beat chaotically.

Pulling away, he softly smiles at you and you sigh. "I-I like you a lot, _______." Oh, how his eyes shined!

"And I can almost guarantee you that I like you a whole lot more."

"Oh, I highly doubt that, love."

And with that, he kissed you on the nose, and you cuddle into his chest, warm and happy, never wanting the night to end.
asdjf;las fd;lsdf jas;f ;as

first fanfic I've ever written, so I apologize deeply if it's horrid OTL
I've just been reading so many HetaliaCharaxReader fanfics, I couldn't help but write one myself /shot

I hope that it may be at least a little bit enjoyable for you~

I haven't written an actual story since, god knows when... I'm more of a drawer, though I wrote TONS way back in 4th grade

Arthur Kirkland/Engand(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
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Oh yes..I enjoys everyone moments of it...and thank you! XD
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